Every day, around the world, thousands of ordinary people, just like you, take off their clothes and pose naked in front of a digital camera. They expose their genitalia, sometimes displaying gynaecological detail and often engage in some form of explicit sexual activity for the lens. These people are not exploited, induced or coerced into engaging in this form of wanton exhibitionism. They do not seem to seek recognition, fame or adulation. They apparently do it for its own sake. Or, do they?

Unlike those employed in the adult entertainment industry, these people are not professional models and receive no significant financial incentive. Usually, the subject is a gay or straight couple engaged in sex or a single male or female posing or masturbating in front of the lens. The person clicking the shutter on the digital camera is usually a participant in the sexual activity and is rarely equipped with the skills of a professional photographer.

What drives ordinary people to do this? Why would they go to so much effort to take these pictures, post them online and risk recognition by their families, friends and work colleagues? What is this need to share their nudity and most intimate moments with others around the world, voyeurs who they will probably never meet, talk to or receive feedback from? Is it simply the thrill and danger of exposing themselves, or is it something more profound and intriguing?

Perhaps they are just availing themselves of the new freedom afforded everyone by the advent of social media to expose anything and everything to others. Maybe they are just holding up a big middle finger to the establishment’s sense of morality. Sadly some of the images may potentially be part of a vendetta or ‘revenge porn’. Whatever the reasons, they are producing material that is not only engaging and stimulating, but also at its best, highly creative. For every thousand of these photographs, there are a number of images, either by accident or luck that contain the compositional and artistic elements that constitute great erotic photography.

However, it seems as though these artistic endeavors go almost entirely unnoticed, except as voyeuristic titillation for masturbatory activity. It is time for these images to receive the acknowledgement they deserve. Presenting respectfully edited versions of the most exceptional images along with contextual statements from the subjects, the purpose of this website is to remedy this oversight and provide an insight into the best of such material and the millions of people who create and appear in it.